RONDO AWARDS: Frank accepting the third "Artist of the Year" award for the legendary Basil Gogos. WonderFest 2009 in Louisville, Ky.

BEAST WISHES. Trailer for the award-winning documentary about Bob and Kathy Burns. Produced and directed by Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger.

RONDO AWARDS: Frank accepting his second Rondo Award for "Artist of the Year" from David Colton and Nurse Moan-Eek (Linda Wylie) at WonderFest 2008 in Lousivlle, Kentucky.

RONDO AWARDS: Frank accepting his first Rondo Award for "Artist of the Year" from David Colton and Nurse Moan-Eek (Linda Wylie) at WonderFest 2007 in Lousivlle, Kentucky.


OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. Super 8mm action epic made in the late 1970's starring Frank Dietz, Paul Kethman and an animated DINOSAUR! Directed by Jonathan Guildroy.

A ZOMBIE NEXT DOOR, written, produced and directed by Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger. A "mockumentary" about keeping zombies at pets, sort of like "Christopher Guest meets George Romero." Watch for an extra treat after the end credits!

THE OLD DARK ROUND TABLE: Frank and a group of horror enthusiasts discuss the debatable horror classic THE MUMMY'S CURSE.

I HATE KIDS, the trailer to the 2019 comedy written by Frank Dietz and Todd Traina. Starring Tom Everett Scott, Tituss Burgess, Rhea Seehorn, Rachel Boston, Julie Ann Emery and Marisa Tomei. Directed by John Asher.

GHOSTBUSTERS PANEL: Segment of a Q&A with stars Larry Storch and Bob Burns, moderated by Frank at Monsterpalooza. Footage courtesy Scott Weitz.

CREEPSHOW TV, Season 2, Episode 2, written by Frank Dietz and Todd Traina. Starring Josh McDermitt, Keith David and Ashley Laurence. Directed by Greg Nicotero.

THE CREATURE'S DIGEST: FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. Frank discusses the everything right (and sometimes wrong) about this, one of his favorite classic movies.

Scripts Gone Wild charity presentation of BATMAN - THE MOVIE. Starring Tom Kenny, Dana Gould, Ralph Garman, Malcolm Barrett, Kat Aagesen, Frank Dietz, Graham Skipper, Brian Howe, Jonathan Goldstein, Aaron LaPlante, Liane Dietz, Clay Keller, Alexis Iacono, Rico E. Anderson, Tabitha Dietz, Miguel Rodriguez and Billy Ray Brewton. Presented February 28th, 2020 at the El Cid on Sunset. Benefiting Border Angels. Video by Trish Geiger. Edited by Frank Dietz. Click here:

JOHN FASANO TRIBUTE. Frank's video tribute to his longtime friend and colleague, filmmaker John M. Fasano, who passed away in 2014. He is greatly missed.

RONDO AWARD MONSTER KID HALL OF FAME On Saturday night, June 4th, I was inducted into the Rondo Award "Monster Kid Hall of Fame." I was presented the plaque by Rondo Award curator David Colton, who prefaced it with a short introduction that moved me greatly. Then after I had finished my acceptance speech (and almost made it through without my voice cracking with emotion!), the crowd astounded me by rising up for a standing ovation. And how special to have this take place at the convention where my fan base began over twenty years ago. I am truly honored."

UNDERBELLY. Virtual comic book about a teenager girl surviving an alternate universe populated with dinosaurs and monsters. Written and directed by Frank Dietz

A live presentation of the radio play "ALBERT KITSCHSCHLOCK PRESENTS - THE FILMS THAT BLEW TOO MUCH." Performed at the Son of Monsterpalooza horror expo on September 15th, 2019. Written by Frank Dietz and Robb Maynard. Starring Kirk R. Thatcher, Frank Dietz, Alexis Iacono, Rico E. Anderson, Robb Maynard and Greg Tally. Video courtesy Melinda Angstrom. WARNING: Contains profanity and sexual references, so not for the kiddies, folks. Click here:

Sketchy Things: The Art and Films of Frank Dietz

THE LAST OMEGA MAN ON EARTH. A Super 8mm spoof of the Charlton Heston classic, THE OMEGA MAN, created in the late 1970's by Frank Dietz and Jonathan Guildroy.

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All three episodes of Season One of the comedy web series MONSTRKYD MANOR. Series created and written by Frank Dietz and Linda Wylie. Produced by Brian Kelly Jones, Frank Dietz and Linda Wylie. Starring Bob Burns, Linda Wylie, Donnie Waddell, John Goodwin, Michael Schlesinger, Kathy Burns, Jeff Carlson, Ralph Gaudiuso. Special appearances by Dana Gould and Greg Nicotero.